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JUN 06 (Long Beach, USA) - This month one of our champions travelled all the way to USA to compete…
APR 25 (Abu Dhabi, UAE) - Max Carvalho and his team faced huge challenges at the "Abu Dhabi World Professional…
APR 04 (Rome, Italy) - Last weekend Max Carvalho and his team travelled all the way to Italy to represent…
MAR 19 (London, UK) - Max Carvalho, Tereza Souza and Kristóf Szűcs were representing GBH at the Abu Dhabi Grand…
Monday, 14 March 2016 11:30

2nd BJJ Winter Camp - Thanks for coming!

MAR 14 (GBH Headquarters) - This year, our 2nd edition of the BJJ Winter Camp, we received 100 athletes from…
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